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About Robyn

Hello! I’m Robyn Hunter.

I am a qualified proofreader and editor based in Cumbria, UK.

I trained and qualified with the College of Media and Publishing

I received a distinction grade and my diploma is hanging proudly in my living room.

I have always loved the English language, which is why I was drawn to proofreading – like a moth to a flame. If I am able to turn the “editor mode” off, I enjoy reading.

I have many favourite authors, but J.K Rowling has held the coveted #1 spot since I was six-years-old. That is when the first Harry Potter book was first published and when I realised that my own letter to Hogwarts had been misplaced!

When I’m not working … I enjoy spending time with my family, knitting, doodling and much more, but I don’t want to bore you.

Email me or use the contact form for more information.