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As a new writer, I knew I needed guidance with my manuscript. After looking at several copy editors I chose Robyn. She was the only copy editor who kept my voice and style intact. All the edits Robyn made enhanced my work and she even caught a mistake I had made when I used a phrase in a foreign language.

Robyn was professional and kind throughout the whole process, always returning edits she had made in a timely fashion.

I would recommend Robyn for anyone who wants to present the best version of their work.

Devorah Friedlander, Fiction novel

Projects we work on

We have proofread and edited several websites. I can either submit a “query list” so you can make the changes, or I can make the changes directly.

We helped build the new College of Media and Publishing website and we built this website.

We can make your CV look and sound professional by formatting the text and ensuring there are no mistakes that will make you look bad.

My manuscript service includes:

  • Correction of grammar, punctuation and spelling where appropriate (this is not always the case in fiction!)
  • Checking that character traits, locations, timelines and plot points are all consistent and logical.
  • Flagging up and suggesting solutions for awkward word choices and clunky sentences that hamper the readability and flow of the text.
  • Suggesting ways to resolve repetitions and slow-moving blocks of text, and making sure your writing is tight and concise.
  • Checking that prologues and paragraph or section breaks are used logically and to the best possible effect.
  • Highlighting possible factual errors.
  • Flagging where you might need to obtain permission to use copyrighted material.
  • Querying where the meaning is not clear – if I don’t understand something, it is likely that at least some of your target audience won’t either.
  • If requested, I will apply Word’s Styles to your manuscript, which will save time (and money) if you are going to hire a professional to layout your text ready for printing.
  • You will receive a style sheet and a short ‘debrief’ along with your edited manuscript. Style sheets document all the decisions made in the name of consistency – such as the treatment of numbers, hyphenated words, use of italics and so on. The debrief will summarise the main themes of my comments and suggestions, and my general impression of your work.

I am happy to take on all types of material, in any genre, either fiction or non-fiction.

Some examples of the documents I have worked on:

  • Customer communications.
  • Brochures, catalogues or prospectuses.
  • Research reports.
  • Annual reports.
  • Policies and procedures.
  • Instructional leaflets.
  • Training manuals.
  • Promotional material.
  • Advertising copy.