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“In 2016, Mrs Robyn Hunter joined ArmedPolitics, an online media project in test phase, covering global political violence, corruption and armed conflicts.

Mrs Hunter contributed in the role as an editor (readability, spelling etc) on a freelance basis. In this function, she proofread articles before publishing, including coordination with other editors and checking back with authors.

Based on our collaboration, I would characterise Mrs Hunter as precise, motivated and flexible. Her quick grasp, clear and friendly way of communicating was appreciated a lot in a working environment determined by time pressure and very low error tolerance.

In my role as publisher, I was able to trust in Mrs Hunter’s reliability and skills. I thank her for her contribution and fully recommended her for comparable positions or dynamic environments such as start-ups.”

Wenzel Frick, ArmedPolitics


SfEP suggested minimum rates from 1st March 2017.

Type of workSuggested minimum hourly rate
Substantial editing, rewriting, development editing£31.30

I use the SfEP minimum rates as a guide for my quotes. Every project is different – which is why I don’t list a guaranteed rate on my website.

Before providing a quote, I require the following information:

  • Word count.
  • Schedule – when you will send the work and when you need / want it back.
  • What service you would like – if you aren’t sure, we can discuss it.
  • Details about the work, for example, is it a novel? A PhD thesis, a website or an annual report? Has it been written by one person or is it multi-author? Are the authors native English speakers / writers?

I would also need to see a sample of the file, but I can provide a figure for the service based on the above information if you don’t want to send a sample until you know I am available.

I am happy to offer a fixed-fee service based on per 1,000 words or I can provide you with hourly / daily rates depending on what suits you.

Unless requested, all quotes are in GBP unless requested in another currency. Please be aware of exchange rates.

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